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What’s new?

This whole writing area is new. Well, some of the pages have been here a while but I haven’t done anything with them until now. This has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve spent most of my time since creating this site first doing a maths degree and then a PhD in theoretical physics... ;-)

Some pieces of writing will be available from this site, others will have the place of publication listed. The first pieces on the site are essays on Oscar Wilde and magic realism that I wrote as part of a humanities course at Imperial College, London. I also have a short story, ‘Laughter in the Dark’, that has appeared in the November 2004 issue of Thirteen magazine.

More to come when the PhD is over... :-\

OK, here we have my non-science related writing. For science, go here. There is crossover but it’s unlikely that anything here would get past the scientific peer-review process!

This site gives a list of fiction, poetry and non-fiction publications and, in some cases, whole works. Theoretically I would like everyone to be able to read everything here but then again, I’m not sure anyone actually reads this site (!) so if I want to get anyone interested in my work I think I have to try to publish it in more ‘official’ venues... which kind of puts the kibosh on giving it away for free here.

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